The glass wine bottle is classic, perfectly shaped, and beloved by all wine enthusiasts. It’s important to have a bottling staff that offers exceptional bottling services to handle these fragile works of art. However, the glass wine bottle wasn’t always the norm. It took history a long time to reach the standardized bottling services and bottling staff that we see throughout the Valley.

Although glass has been around since the Stone Age, with obsidian glass used for human tools and weapons, it wasn’t until 3000 BC in Northern Syria that the first true glass was created. In 1730 BC, glasswork started being used in South Asia. The ancient Romans became known for their glasswork as they developed the glassblowing technique for making wine bottles. The term “glass” originates from the Romans. The bottling services and bottling staff we know today were not going to be established for a long time.


Amphorae – used to store wine

These delicate bottles however were not ideal for storing wine as they were too fragile to travel with. Clay pots called amphorae were used instead, yet for fancy events, people would pour the wine into hand-blown glass bottles and those bottles would be shipped wrapped in straw to protect them and to keep them upright.

Once the coal-burning furnace was invented in the 1600s, the hotter temperatures created thicker, darker glass. With the addition of the cork closure invention, bottles could be transported safely. These bottles were not standardized yet – no standard shapes and sizes, no standard labels, just a stamp by the winemaker.

With the 1730s came a recognition of different winemakers, grape varietals, vineyards, and aging of wine. Bottles were stored as we do today and people realized the benefit of long sleek bottles over the round bottles. Yet bottles still weren’t the norm as they were a “lungful” for glassblowers to produce.

In 1979, the US set the standard glass wine bottle size of 750ml. The EU quickly adopted this to allow for easy trade. Now, the 750ml bottle is an omnipresent part of the wine industry – the feeling of the cool glass bottle harmonizes with the flavor of the wine.

Today, wineries from all over the world have standardized bottling services with bottling staff that can quickly get the job done.

mbs18-136At Maldonado Bottling Services, we look back and nod at the wonderful history of wine and the celebrated glass bottle. It’s our vision to provide wineries with bottling staff and bottling services for their most important days.

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