New local courier & wine transport services help businesses with daily deliveries

mbs18-2-editNapa, CA, March 26, 2018—Maldonado Bottling and Packaging Services, also known as MBS Napa, a local family-owned business servicing the wine industry, today announces the launch of MBS-Express, fast and reliable courier and wine transport services for businesses and professionals throughout the Napa Valley. MBS-Express offers customized logistics to complement its skilled labor services for their clients.  MBS-Express services include: reliable and economical transport and delivery of documents, packages and dry goods, delivery of wine pallets, pick-up and delivery of high volume goods and supplies for bottling runs, smaller van deliveries for small wine shipments or to access small country lanes where larger trucks cannot go, and barrel transport.  Available on short notice or for regularly contracted services MBS-Express guarantees shipments to arrive at their destination, damage-free, on time, and at affordable rates. New customers save 10% on their first delivery, visit MBS Express for more information.  In addition, to introducing MBS-Express the Maldonado family is also celebrating 50 years of living and working in the Napa Valley and will be commemorating this milestone anniversary with a special client event and the reveal of its new business website at

For more than 15 years, MBS Napa has provided skilled labor to Napa Valley wineries needing additional staff for seasonal bottling, specialty packaging projects, and fruit sorting during harvest season. MBS- Express enhances and diversifies the company’s staffing solutions with new opportunities for growth.  Co-founder/owner George Dominguez, son-in-law of Lupe and Luz Maria Maldonado, is always looking for ways to improve customer service as well as identify new business opportunities.  After helping out a few of his wine clients with last minute transport challenges, George realized there was a greater need for a local transport service in the wine industry and beyond.  “Wine and dry good transport is one of the many challenges wineries face in adhering to production schedules.  If wines or other materials aren’t readily available for bottling day, it impacts the crews and production schedules which may result in staff downtime, production delays, or late deliveries, which can be costly for companies.  MBS Express trucks and vans can help solve these immediate needs when wineries need it most,” stated Dominguez.

“A strong work ethic and passion for the wine industry runs in the family,” said Luz Maria Maldonado, matriarch of the Maldonado family and Co-founder/owner of MBS Napa. “Fifty years ago, my husband Lupe Maldonado and I moved to California from Atacheo, a small farming community in Michoacan, Mexico.  We made our home in St. Helena where Lupe worked over 45 years mastering his vineyard and winery skills for prominent wineries in the Napa Valley until we eventually started Maldonado Vineyards which we own and my husband runs today with our son,” stated Maldonado.

This same passion for the wine business drove Luz Maria to co-found Maldonado Bottling & Packaging Services and MBS-Express with her son-in-law, George Dominguez. Together they have established and built a successful business over the past 15 years continually adding services where they’ve identified needs for Napa Valley wineries.  George is the visionary, operations expert, and client interface of the company.  He continually works on efficiencies of the business, staying competitive in the market, and seizes opportunities for the continued growth of the company.  Luz Maria, manages the business and leads the staffing teams with her entrepreneurial spirit, strong work ethic, and “no-nonsense let’s get this done!” attitude.  Luz Maria’s daughter, Judith Hurtado, also lends her skills to the family business. She started working the bottling lines and specialized in hand-dipped waxing wine bottles. Today she is George’s right hand person and Office Administrator. Judith makes sure daily schedules and operations are running smoothly and takes care of all the employees, many who have worked more than 10-years for the company and are like family.

This month, the Maldonado family celebrates a 50th anniversary milestone of living and working in the Napa Valley wine industry.  From the start, Lupe and Luz Maria had a dream for their family to embrace a hard work ethic and build upon the opportunities and their passion for the wine industry.  “It’s exciting to think about what the next generation of Maldonado’s will bring to our family businesses or what new opportunities for growth they will introduce.  For now, we are excited to launch MBS-Express and provide a much needed delivery service to our clients and local businesses in the Valley,” stated Luz Maria.

About MBS Napa

For more than 15 years, Maldonado Bottling and Packaging Services (MBS Napa) has provided skilled labor to Napa Valley wineries needing additional staff for seasonal bottling, specialty packaging projects, and fruit sorting during harvest.  Staffing crews are sent to the winery when that is the most appropriate and cost-effective method for the client, or MBS Napa can also perform the work at their own bonded- winery warehouse conveniently located south of the city of Napa.  Most recently, the company introduced, MBS-Express, Napa Valley’s Premier Courier & Wine Transport Services to fulfill client needs for fast, reliable, and on-time delivery of documents, packages, dry goods, or wine products throughout Napa’s wine country.  The company guarantees high quality workmanship, professionalism, and reliability to complete each job on time and on budget. With proven experience and a passion for the wine industry their specialized labor force and transport services help wineries succeed.  For more information about staffing and transport services visit MBS Napa site.