When it comes to Napa wine, it’s important to understand the unique geology of the region. At Maldonado Bottling Services, we get it. We provide bottling staff and bottling services to ensure a successful day for your winery – because we know that wine is your baby, your lifelong project. We’re diving into Napa’s geology and understanding the origin of these wines.

An Agricultural Eden

In Northern California, long before MBS was a bottling services and bottling staff provider, the region was seeing drastic natural changes. Napa Valley is a concoction of diverse soils of volcanic and marine origin. Over the last 150 million years, geological events such as volcanic eruptions, tectonic plate movement and erosion have created a pot of varying soils. Complex and varied soil compositions in the alluvial fans have emerged from the hillsides and scattered onto the Valley’s floor. The Rutherford Bench is one of the most famous alluvial fans.

At one point, San Pablo Bay reached as far as Yountville. This mixed the geology of Napa even more. These unique and impressive natural occurrences have led to soil that represents half of the Earth’s soil orders, 33 soil series, and over 100 soil variants.

purple grapes

How does this Affect the Wine?

Valley floor soils will produce more vigorous growth as the soils are deeper and more fertile. The crop here has to be managed strictly. The hillsides have rockier spare soils causing the vine to stress and produce smaller grapes which have very concentrated colors and flavors.

MBS Knows the Way of Napa

With over 50 years of working in the Valley, we know how Napa functions and what goes into creating proper wines. Our bottling staff and bottling services guarantee careful and efficient bottling and packaging or your wines.

From specialty packaging to bottling staff and bottling services to wine transport, MBS has got your back.

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