bottling services

Those that work in bottling know it’s a fast paced process where every second counts. Winemakers who hire a staffing service know they need qualified people who will handle their product with care, offering amazing staffing solutions. And those who have no idea what goes on during bottling day should read the rest of this blog.

  1. Mobile Bottling Lines are a thing. Big wineries have their own lines but smaller producers will look for a staffing service to get the job done. Maldonado Bottling Services offers staffing solutions and can either come to a smaller winery with a bottling staff and equipment or can offer the same service at their own warehouse. Best part? No maintenance or clean-up for the small winery.
  2. Bottling Lines are fast! But how fast exactly? The BPM (bottles per minute) can range form 20 to 100 bottles! It all depends on various factors but a qualified staffing service and exceptional staffing solutions is one of them.
  3. Any size and any shape will do. Your average bottling line will fill 750 ml wine bottles. But they can be edited to work 350 ml bottles or the giant 27 liter bottles. They can fill the bags for wine boxes too.
  4. Cork or Cap? Bottling lines most commonly close the bottle with corks but they can do screw caps too.
  5. Planning is important! When the mobile bottling lines arrive, wineries have to be ready. The wine has to be pumped from the barrels to a large holding tank a few weeks in advance. That way the wine has time to settle and the juice from the smaller barrels can blend. And it’s important to make sure your hired staffing service will be trusting and will offer complete staffing solutions.
  6. Bottle Shock – it’s a thing too. It means the wine got shaken up during the bottling process. And it takes about a month for it to settle. Talk about a setback.

You know what the best way is to avoid bottle shock, messy clean-ups, and bottling stress? By handing over the bottling process to Maldonado Bottling Services (MBS). MBS offers staffing solutions and staffing service for all your winery’s needs – including bottling lines, harvest staff, and specialty packaging services. With our staffing service, we provide support so you don’t have to worry.

Check out our staffing service and browse our gallery to get a glimpse of the amazing work our staff does. From hand labeling, wax dipping, tissue wrapping, to bottling line and fruit sorting staff, MBS has got your staffing solutions ready to go with expert staffing service.