Maldonado Bottling Services has served Napa for over 50 years. By providing bottling staffing service, packaging and transport services, the Maldonado family has built a name for itself in the Valley being the supportive backbone to wineries. Their excellence in staffing service and staffing solutions have led them to where they are today.

maldonado_familyWho is Maldonado?

Now celebrating 50 years of living and working in Napa, Maldonado is a family name. The Maldonado Bottling Services (MBS) team consists of Luz Maria Maldonado, George Dominguez, and Judith Hurtado. Their mission was to create a company that would provide staffing service and staffing solutions as well as transport services for wineries and small businesses. Finding skilled labor isn’t easy, but with MBS it is.

Luz Maria Maldonado is the co-founder/owner of MBS and the matriarch of the family. Her entrepreneurial spirit thrives in the company and inspires her colleagues. She first started operating a Mexican food establishment in Napa, with limited English. Eventually, Maria worked her way to the wine industry and developed a successful business. She can be found in the warehouse 6 days a week starting at 4am. Her work ethic is immense and her no-nonsense style drives the company forward each day, ensuring the staffing service and staffing solutions provided are excellent.

George Dominguez is the co-founder and co-owner of MBS along with Maria (his mother-in-law). His vision and operations expertise helped take the company forward. Each client project is treated specially as his own and his focus is to provide the best staffing solutions for his beloved customers. Before MBS, George worked in IT and for local wineries. His varied experience helps him approach the company strategy form all sides.

Judith Hurtado is the office administrator and has worked for the family from the start. She worked in bottling lines and special waxing processes and now is George’s right-hand person. She is known as the heart of the company and she takes care of each employee.

What Can MBS Do for You

Maldonado proves time and time again that their staffing solutions and staffing service excel and rise high above expectations. With a skilled labor force that provides peace-of-mind to wineries, MBS supports and ensures a smooth working and bottling day.

Contact MBS today and see how their staffing service and staffing solutions can help you!