About Us

Celebrating 50 Years of living and working in the Napa Valley

Committed to the Industry and to our Customers since the Beginning

A Staffing Service & Temporary Staffing Company

For more than 20 years, Maldonado Bottling Services, specializing in staffing service, has provided skilled labor to Napa Valley wineries needing additional staff for seasonal bottling, specialty packaging projects, and fruit sorting during harvest.  Most recently, the company introduced, MBS Express, Napa Valley’s Premier Courier & Wine Transport Services to fulfill client needs for fast, reliable, and on-time delivery of documents, packages, dry goods, or wine products throughout wine country.  With proven experience and a passion for the wine industry, our specialized labor force and transport services help wineries succeed. Our temporary staffing company has grown to include the transport business and we continue to do our best by our customers each day.

Our Mission

We provide flexible staffing solutions, skilled labor, and transport services to the wine industry.  We specialize in bottling line staffing, specialty packaging, and fruit sorting.  Our courier and wine transport services help wineries get their documents, packages, dry goods, or finished product quickly and securely to their final destination.  We guarantee our clients, high quality workmanship, professionalism, and reliability to complete each job on time and on budget.

Our Values

  • Experience
  • Quality workmanship
  • Trustworthiness
  • Teamwork
  • Client Focused

                                                   Meet Our Team

Luz Maria Maldonado

Luz Maria Maldonado

Partner and Founder

Luz Maria Maldonado, partner and founder of MBS and matriarch of our family.  Nothing has ever held back her entrepreneurial spirit. Even with her limited English she opened and operated a Mexican food establishment in Napa and is part of a family vineyard operation.

You can find Maria in our warehouse 5 days a week starting at 6am.  She’s always the first to arrive and the last to leave. Maria may be short in stature but she is big on work ethic.  She runs a tight ship at our warehouse so that we can provide our customers with the best quality products in a timely manner. 

She is known for her “no-nonsense, let’s get this done” attitude! We are so proud of everything she has accomplished and are grateful for the road she has paved for many of us.

Judith Maldonado

Judith Maldonado

Partner and V.P. of Employee Relations

Judy has been part of the family business since day one.  She has worked in the bottling lines and in many special projects that involve labeling, waxing, and repackaging. Judy's knowledge and experience in the wine industry is a huge asset to our Company.

Her organizational skills allow her to coordinate when and where our team members need to be on a daily basis. Whether it's at our warehouse, at a winery or delivering wine. We like to say she is the heart of the company, as she is a very caring person!

On her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and cruising in her truck.

Josie Peralez

Josie Peralez

Partner, Project Director and Office Administrator

Born in Port Hueneme, CA and raised in the beautiful Napa Valley! At a very young age Josie knew that in order to accomplish her goals she needed to work. On her 16th birthday, she got herself a job and has not stopped working since. She has followed the foot steps of her hard working parents and older sisters where nothing is impossible and everything is doable.

Josie owned and managed an insurance agency for many years, after selling her business she was given the opportunity to work at a high end orthodontic office. With no experience in the dental field, Josie worked her way up and became the office manager. A challenge to Josie is only the beginning to success.

She is known for her positive energy and getting things done! Her work ethic, professionalism, leadership, and her management skills are only a few of many of her qualities.  Her kids are her motivation to continue striving for more. She enjoys hiking, jogging, singing and last but not least; loves dancing with her best dancing partner – her husband!


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