Fruit Sorting

Skilled Workers for Harvest Season

Grapes Sorted for Quality

Fruit Sorting Staff: A Harvest Staffing Service

We know the busy harvest season can require additional staffing to help your crush crews get the job done. Trained fruit sorters are a key component of the processing line during harvest.  When your workforce is stretched thin and you prefer to hire temporary workers for the season, MBS Napa’s fruit sorting staff is ready to help.   Many of our clients still prefer a careful human touch for their delicate grapes.  Our harvest staffing service offers a crew that is serious about hand sorting and meticulously sifts through clusters pulling debris from grapes. When we’re done, pristine clusters are ready to crush and make into wine.  Our goal is to ensure that winemakers crush the highest quality fruit.

Why hire our fruit sorting team?

  • Over 15 years’ experience hand sorting grapes in Napa Valley for high profile wine clients
  • Our trained sorters main focus is ensuring only the best grapes get to the press
  • Our fruit sorting staff is accustomed to the long, hard worked days of harvest
  • The results: cleaner fruit and higher quality wine and a harvest staffing service you can be proud of.