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Specialty Packaging for the Wine Industry

Packaging Staff Solutions

In the wine industry, keeping the right number of skilled workers on hand at all times is challenging. Maldonado Bottling & Packaging offers high-quality, experienced staff to perform any function in the winery to keep your operations running at 100% efficiency. Often, jobs like re-packaging, sorting, labeling, and seasonal packing demand expertise that can tie up existing equipment, workforce, and space while disrupting your regular production schedule. Our packaging staff is experienced and qualified for the most detail-oriented jobs.

For over 15 years, Maldonado Bottling & Packaging Services has provided high-quality, economical solutions to a wide range of specialized functions for the Napa Valley wine industry. Our job is to supplement your staff with highly trained individuals to keep your workforce at required levels and reduce time spent recruiting and training additional staff.

Special Packaging Projects

Hand labeling, re-foiling, repacking, wax dipping, and label removal projects become necessary at certain times of the year. While well-executed holiday and gift packaging adds value and augments profitability, custom packing and wrapping for Wine Club members can also be time-consuming but necessary.

Maldonado Bottling & Packaging provides highly skilled professionals to handle those particular functions without disrupting your existing operations.

We provide skilled labor support, as needed, for:

  • Label removal
  • Hand labeling
  • Re-foiling
  • Wax dipping
  • Gift Boxes and Baskets
  • Tissue wrapping
  • Blackened, Dummy Bottles
  • Customized wine club shipments
  • Supplemental skilled labor for bottling operations
  • And more.

State-of-the-Art Labeling Machine: GAI Labeler

For bigger projects where hand-labeling or foiling is not an option, we are thrilled to offer our customers use of our new automatic labeler/foiler equipment.  The GAI Labeler labels and/or foils 750’s and magnums of wine at a rate of 50+ per minute.  Contact us for a quote today.

Our Place or Yours?

Disrupting your normal production by tying up your existing staff and equipment capacity can be a costly problem.

If necessary, you can bring the raw products and packaging materials to our own bonded winery warehouse facility in Napa to handle your unique packaging projects. By moving the project from your facility into ours, the mission is accomplished without interrupting regular activity.

High-Quality, Highly Skilled Production

The professionals at Maldonado Bottling & Packaging will ensure all of your deadlines are met, and your product is packaged and shipped in the best possible condition. Some of our employees have been with our company for over ten years and understand every facet of the wine production industry.

We know your customers demand the highest quality in bottling, packaging, and shipping. Our Packaging Staff is available to support your image with experienced professionals, not just bodies to fill space.

Allow Maldonado Bottling & Packaging Services to be your partner in making sure your business runs at peak efficiency. The value we add will far exceed the price you pay.

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