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MBS Bottling, Packaging, and Transport services provides skilled labor and transport services to Napa and Sonoma Valley wineries when they need it most. Our primary services include providing a Bottling Staff, to support your in-house staff or when outsourcing staff is your best option.  Our Specialty Packaging crews are available at your convenience to assist with all of your wine packaging needs.  We specialize in hand labeling, wax dipping, re-foiling, tissue wrapping, custom wine club shipments and more. Our team works efficiently to provide high quality workmanship completed according to your specifications, production schedule, and deadlines.

We know the grape harvest is one of the busiest seasons with long, hard work days for wineries. Our fruit sorting team is ready and available to assist your harvest crew or manage the complete sorting process for you.  Whether you need staff for a day, a week, or the entire season, our team ensures only the best quality grapes enter the crusher.

MBS Express, Napa Valley’s Premier Courier and Wine Transport Service, specializes in fast and reliable on-call and scheduled pick-up and deliveries for the wine industry.  Our wine transportation company knows how transporting your wines, dry goods, or specialty packaging materials in time for production can make or break your schedule.  Or, when wine samples, bottles or cases of wine need to be delivered in an hour or by the end of the business day…we’ve got you covered.  Trust MBS Express to get your documents, packages, dry goods, wines, and more delivered through out Napa Valley on-time at affordable rates.

Our team is ready to work!

We send our crews, whether it a botting staff or fruit sorers, to your winery when that is the most appropriate and cost-effective method or we handle the work at our own bonded-winery warehouse conveniently located south of the city of Napa.

Bottling Staff

We provide skilled labor for mobile bottling operations and also to wineries with permanent bottling lines.

Specialty Packaging

We specialize in hand labeling, hand waxing, re-foiling, repackaging, label removal, tissue wrapping, gift bags/boxes, wine samples and customized wine club shipments.

Fruit Sorting

We know harvest season can require additional staffing to help your crews get the job done. Our experienced fruit sorting team ensures only the highest quality grapes (and nothing else) gets into the crusher.